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Tel: 5411 4348 7500
Fax: 5411 4348 7550

The MetLife companies have been offering life insurance solutions to Argentinean consumers since 1994. Today, we also offer investment, disability and personal accident products to individuals and companies through professional agents, brokers, banks and direct marketing.



Tel: 5511 5505 9700
Fax: 5511 5505 2240

The MetLife companies have been operating in Brazil since 1999. We are a recognized leader in the local market, offering solutions such as life, dental, accident and health as well as retirement plans for individuals and groups. We have a diverse distribution platform including brokers, banks partners, direct marketing, affinity and professional agents. With a presence in 23 locations, we have a footprint in all major cities with 13,400 corporate clients, over 5 million customers and R$ 115 billion underwritten policies.



Tel: 56 2 28263000
Fax: 56 2 2826 3357

Present in Chile since 2001, the MetLife companies offer group and individual life and health insurance products, as well as retirement savings and mortgage products. We are number one in life and annuity premiums as of September 2012, and distribute products through an agency force, bank partners, direct marketing and brokers.




Tel: 01 8000 9 12200
Fax: (571) 638 82 99

Present in Colombia for more than 50 years, MetLife offers a broad portfolio of products for protection, savings and retirement. This includes individual, traditional and variable insurance as well as employee benefits, credit life, personal accident, pensions and annuities. MetLife has diverse distribution channels through professional agents, brokers, sponsors and direct marketing. We have offices in 6 main cities of the country, with more than 700 employees.



Tel: 53287000 México (Área Metropolitana)
01 800 00 METLIFE (Interior de la República)
Facebook: MetLife México
Twitter: @metlifemx

The first MetLife company in Latin America was established in Mexico in 1992, offering life insurance and retirement savings products to groups and individuals in the private market. With the acquisition of Aseguradora Hidalgo, S.A. in June of 2002, MetLife became a market leader in life insurance for government institutions in Mexico. With about 15% market share, we are presently the largest life insurer in Mexico, covering nearly 7.5 million customers (insurance) and 1.1 million customers (AFORE). We offer group and individual life insurance, medical expense insurance as well as retirement savings and investment products.



Tel: 1-800 MetLife (638 5433)
Facebook: MetLife
Twitter: @MetLife

Established in 1868, MetLife is the largest life insurer in the United States based on life insurance in force. The MetLife companies offer life insurance, annuities, auto and home insurance and other financial services to individuals. We also offer group insurance and retirement and savings products and services to corporations and other institutions.



Tel: 5982 403 3939
Fax: 5982 403 3938

Since 1998, the MetLife companies offer individual and group life insurance products through career agents and brokers in Uruguay.


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